Client: NSW Health (MLHD)

Recruiting healthcare staff to help save lives.

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Tucked between Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra – Top 10 most liveable cities in the world – lies The Murrumbidgee district, a natural wonderland full of adventure. With a sparkling 3300 sunshine hours a year, it has a sunny disposition to match. But it was being overlooked by essential healthcare workers who were opting for metro hospitals – and their community was feeling the pressure.

We were engaged by the NSW government to develop an employee value proposition for the district — based on our research insights — and formulate a recruitment campaign, infused with key messages that appeal to health workers in our identified target audiences.

A solid foundation in research

We met with healthcare workers who had made the move to the Murrumbidgee district and spoke to them about the decision-making process that lead to their move to the regional area. We then compared that to our research with metro-based health workers and discovered their needs, pain points and misconceptions about regional healthcare: namely that regional facilities are lacking, and there are no job or progression opportunities. Through research we discovered the most appealing message centred around the opportunity to work on more interesting and diverse medical cases and develop hands-on skills. This was the foundation for our creative campaign.

Armed and ready for launch

We crafted key messages and a digital-first marketing plan for the internal marketing team to implement. We armed them with everything they need to roll out the campaign across every target audience: a range of helpful key messages and copywriting, ready-to-use creative as well as creative templates, social media ideas and examples, print-ready event collateral and a detailed marketing plan to follow. We often enjoy working collaboratively with internal marketing teams, and for MLHD we were a handy extension of their marketing department.

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