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Revitalising A Legacy: Transforming ACER’s Visual Identity

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ACER, the wise elder in educational research and policy advisory for a whopping 90 years, decided it was time for a visual shake-up. The old brand identity, with all its ‘seasoned’ charm, took centre stage in our rebranding adventure. 

Collaborating closely with ACER’s internal communications team, we crafted a modernised brand look and feel and developed comprehensive brand assets. This transformation not only rejuvenated ACER’s visual identity but also set the stage for a new era of global recognition.

Crafting Inclusive Brand Guidelines

At the heart of our strategy was the creation of inclusive brand guidelines that focused on accessibility and consistency. By establishing rules for colour usage, font selection, and minimum size standards, we ensured a visually coherent and accessible brand across diverse platforms. 

The guidelines extended beyond visual elements, offering clear instructions on creating sub-brands for ACER’s range of products and services. The result was a set of guidelines that served as a roadmap for the organisation’s global expansion, maintaining a cohesive brand presence while allowing for adaptability.

From Local Roots To Global Relevance

The successful execution of the rebranding initiative propelled ACER onto the global stage. The modernised visual identity, coupled with the comprehensive brand guidelines, facilitated a seamless transition from a regional leader to a global educational powerhouse.

ACER’s renewed image, now reflective of its forward-thinking objectives, has garnered international recognition. A testament to the transformative power of strategic branding, and how a well-executed visual overhaul can position an established brand as a leader on the world stage.

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