20 February 2020

Explained: Why Your Brand Needs a Blog

Okay Bellman folks, this is a big one for the blog. A meta blog. A blog blog.

This is the one where the copywriters get to say (write) our piece and hopefully, finally, we’ll all understand exactly why every brand needs a blog.

Too often we find ourselves desperately convincing brands of the importance of maintaining a quality blog. We don’t just do it because we love writing them. It’s not just because we adore researching new topics. Or flexing our SEO abilities. Or finding the perfect blog title. It’s because… Blogs! Benefit! Your brand!

And we can prove it.

The Value of (Good) Content

We’ve all heard how “content is king”, but what does that even mean?

It means content has power, especially in the digital landscape. Content is the reigning queen over deciding who is worthy. It’s your content that will get you to the top of Google. Your content will convince a customer to make a purchase. Your content makes people like your brand.

Think about it: words fill every site you visit, every Instagram you follow, and every ad you see. Every word contributes to the overall impression of the brand. Nailing this impression is what makes a brand great.

So how does this relate to blogs? Blogs are an amazing way to get LOTS of words out there. The uniformity of how you write your blog alongside your website, your social media, your packaging description, and everything else means your brand is consistent and therefore trustworthy and superior.

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How Your Brand is Viewed

These days, people look to your website to suss what kind of brand you are. Your blog acts as your resume. Why wouldn’t you want it to be up to date and impressive?

More than this, a blog is a way to establish authority. It’s what solidifies you as a thought leader in your industry.

Did you know Go-To started as a beauty blog? Which explains its cult following who really, truly trust the brand.

Or did you know that companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites? That’s huge!

Think of brands whose tone of voice is instantly recognisable. It only gets that way by being consistent again and again. Just like Frank Body’s consistent tone and the way they utilise their blog, babe.

A blog isn’t simply a sales tool. It’s a resource. It’s where people can go to be educated. And when consumers learn something, they’ve gained value from your brand, which is something you can’t sell.

It also makes your brand credible. You can address concerns and feedback directly. Your blog is able to tackle obstacles to purchasing before the customer even adds to cart. Isn’t that cool? Your blog is literally a tool for fielding questions, so it saves you the time taken to constantly reply to DMs and emailed concerns.

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The Tangible Outcomes

Every time you write a blog post, it’s one more indexed page for your website, which means more leads.

Let’s repeat that for the people in the back: More indexed pages (aka blogs) means more leads to your website. That’s business goals, baby!

Regular blog posts tell Google that your website is active, which Google likes to hear when they’re deciding how highly to list your site. Whether we like or not, we have to pander to the Google Gods if we want any chance of being found online. And the Google Gods like blogs.

Other tangible outcomes:

  • Inspire easy posts to keep your socials active, for example: “Check out the blog now!”
  • Increase the SEO strength of your website
  • Gain email sign-ups by gating content or promising more resources or benefits over email
  • Increase customer engagement as it creates something for customers to reply to
  • Increase trust from consumers
  • You can link to cool things you want your audience to read

What does this all lead to? More clients reaching your site who trust you because of how you’ve consistently communicated your brand.

Translation: Dollars.

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Sticking With It

The longer you stick with a blog the more results you’ll see.

Did you know that more often than not leads come from old blog posts? Although it may seem like you get the most hits on the first day of sharing the blog, once it’s out there it starts ranking and often will be found months later by consumers and that’s when the conversion happens.

Your blog is one piece of your content puzzle. And it’s a corner piece. It fits in with your social media, email, website, packaging, advertising, and any other brand copy. Yet being the longest form of writing, the blog really does inform how all the other words will read.

So what are you waiting for? By now you must be screaming, “I need a damn blog!” Well, we’re here and ready to get it going for you. Just scream our way.

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