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Simplicity for Sergii Skincare

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Sergii is the passion project of Serge, a self-starter who wanted to create something that isn’t just for profit, and actually makes a worthwhile contribution to the world. His passion for design, product innovation and creating something both beautiful and useful led him to skincare.

Design in a Bottle

The brandmark for Sergii plays on the styling of scientific formulas, with the two ‘i’s also representing innovation and integrity. The design is minimal, modern and appealing.

This works hand in hand with Sergii’s ethos of being simple to understand, use and enjoy.

Pristine Packaging

The brandmark works perfectly on packaging as we also created the labels for Sergii’s products. Each label highlights the three key ingredients you’ll find in each product, with the overall aesthetic emphasising the scientific formulations and trusted efficacy.

Curated Content

We developed a Brand Story (now our Content Guidelines service) to further convey the simple, considered and engaging brand personality through Sergii’s words. 

“In every Sergii bottle you’ll find formulas that work, a commitment to quality and something you’ll enjoy.”

We focussed on conveying that there is no magic potion for nice skin. But there are ingredients that are proven to work in our carefully crafted formulations.


Skincare on the Socials

We helped curate a social feed that bolsters Sergii’s innovative and considered approach to skincare. 

By highlighting key ingredients, implementing the brand guidelines and creating engaging captions, we solidified Sergii as a trusted skincare brand in a saturated market.

Website Made Simple

The team at Sergii were so happy with what we had delivered in design, packaging and content, they wanted us to build their website too.

It makes sense to streamline the digital process rather than working with multiple agencies across Melbourne. We created a website that let the simple design and great ingredients speak for themselves with copy backed by our wonderful content guidelines. 

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