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Improving the workflow of Australia’s national emergency management agency

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NEMA is the National government agency who responds to emergencies and disasters right across Australia. There came the need to help staff experience better functionality with an improved look, feel and usability of the documents used by the NEMA internal team.

To meet all the inherent demands of a government agency, a rigorous design and testing process with the client and internal team was needed to ensure the Style Guide and suite of templates met each specific need. The project would require both an outline of the rules and instructions on the use of the documentation, along with consideration for the inevitability of numerous alterations throughout the review process.


The important first step was to audit all existing templates then identify issues and opportunities for improvement. Our team then engaged with two focus groups from different agency departments to gather user insights around their requirements and pain points. There were extremely strict protocols and processes to follow, along with the input from a variety of stakeholders to consider. We were able to meet the specific criteria and multi-layered demands of official documents for government agency approval.

Having refined documentation and assets for the internal team at NEMA meant better onboarding, training and a more cohesive approach to the workings of the agency. With these improvements came a smoother and more efficient workflow which allowed for streamlined processes and an increase in output.

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