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Creating Brand Utopia with Otopia

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Otopia Wellness offers plant-based products with powerful benefits to keep women healthy, sexy and glowing. We helped them get ready for their O so exciting launch!

In a Bit of Detail
Otopia were launching their new business with the brand, website and collateral already designed and ready to go. But what they really needed was an outside perspective on their existing brand before going to launch. Sometimes it takes a different set of expert eyes to see the best approach.

Words, Words, Words

One of the major deliverables for Otopia was their content guidelines. This included critical key messaging so they were armed with not only the most important selling points of their brand, but also how to communicate them. That meant using language that’s informative, empowering and just a little bit cheeky.


Website Wonder

We delivered a comprehensive brand and website audit to highlight existing pain points and make recommendations. Based on this audit, we helped Otopia with website updates to ensure a positive user experience — we refreshed their imagery to be more in line with their personality and we added life to their copy.

Collateral Consistency is Key

By updating the design across collateral components we made sure Otopia had brand cohesion. Consistency makes a brand more trustworthy and elevates their entire aesthetic. Our designers created bespoke illustrations that are empowering, vibrant, inclusive and fun.

Blog About It

Once content guidelines are written and approved, it means we’re able to write more content for our clients and everyone is on the same page about the tone of voice and messaging. It meant Otopia trusted us to write blog posts that are informative and engaging. And that’s what we’ll continue to do.

Launch Loud and Proud

Otopia knew their social media game had to be strong. We created a campaign prior to launch to ensure they were targeting relevant leads with impressive ad design and copy. We wanted to make a splash.

“Wow Wow & Wow!!! You have the go ahead from us – you guys have nailed it! This is getting really exciting!!” Jacqui Thackeray, Otopia Wellness

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