Client: RJN CUA Vineyards

Making Grapes Great Again.

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RJN Vineyards grow yummy, crunchy grapes. But on the supermarket shelves, there’s very little brand differentiation. You couldn’t name your favourite grape brand, right? So we set to work building out a robust brand and creating a delicious range of highly custom packaging.

One of our talented illustrators used digital illustration to create eight whimsical designs, showcasing the variety of each grape, from Candy Hearts to Autumn Crisp. These sweet little scenes help the brand appeal become familiar and memorable to a female grocery buyer in a segment where there is currently very low product differentiation or brand preference.

Juicy Digital Design 

At Bellman, we know that brand value accumulates across every touchpoint. To ensure consistency from the customer’s in-store experience to their website journey, we implemented elements from the packaging design across website pages. Subtle elements like flowing organic shapes, as well as more prominent elements from the packaging help to create a strong, uniform brand.

Crisp Copywriting

We had a ball writing about the family heritage of the vineyard, the health benefits of the grapes, and the flavour notes of each variety. We got creative and added serving suggestions for each of the 24 grapes – from smoothies to frozen summer popsicles to charcuterie platters.

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