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Moneasy is a new new kid on the finance brokerage block with a goal to simplify the borrowing process for those other ‘new kids’ – first home buyers. And they needed a new brand to achieve that. That’s where we came in.

The challenge

Moneasy identified a gap in the financing market for a fun, more relaxed approach. While getting a home loan needs to be safe and reliable, it doesn’t have to be boring. They want to make financing accessible and simple in what is traditionally a complex space, with a lot of barriers. They wanted to build a brand that would appeal to a young demographic – fun, playful and easy to understand, while still communicating reliability, honesty and knowledge.  Moneasy lives by the values to fulfil their customer’s financial goals sustainably, honestly and responsibly and they wanted their brand, in all facets, to communicate this. They asked us to develop a brand that would be future proof – franchisable and scalable.

It starts with a name

We worked with Moneasy to develop a young and fun brand with just the right amount of seriousness for the space, a brand that would communicate consistently across all mediums. To do this, we started with the name. ‘Moneasy’ was chosen for its clear communication of both the offering – money, and the benefit – easy. The name itself needed to be simple to understand and Moneasy was the clear winner here. Taking big financial steps can be daunting but Moneasy makes it simple. The name communicates that. 

After deciding on the brand name, we worked with the Moneasy team to develop a visual brand identity that would communicate the same. With the name and visual design set, we developed photography guidelines, stationary and web design to ensure brand consistency in all areas now and into the future.

The bottom line

The Moneasy brand offers the perfect mix of fun, accessibility and ease of understanding with reliability, honesty and knowledge. A brand that appeals to new homebuyers who don’t just want the best deal, but the right deal for them. Just like the offering, the brand is forward thinking and will appeal to its current target as well as future B2C and B2B customers with the brand guidelines ensuring consistency along the way. The team at Moneasy love the work we have done with them to help make finance easy and accessible for their customers now and into the future.

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