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For this Sydney-based staffing agency, the name Black Diamond didn’t initially hold any significance. After engaging with us, we were able to breathe new meaning and a fresh design into their brand.


In the content guidelines, we outlined how the best concepts require expert execution, and that comes down to people. Just like a deck of cards to a magician, without the right tools, the magic just isn’t possible. That’s where Black Diamond steps in. They specialise in one thing and one thing only: brand amplification.

Leaning into the new significance of their name, we knew their brand design had to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and high energy while also reflecting the extroverted nature of what they do. The colour palette includes both the professional black and white that is often the team’s uniform while on the job. The pastel pink and green further express their playful nature and enthusiasm.

With a refreshed brand look and voice, they were ready to launch on social. We helped them execute a teaser campaign across social channels to launch and amplify their brand. Exactly what Black Diamond does best.

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