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Branding Ashburton’s First Bar in 100 Years

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Ashburton in Melbourne’s east has been in a ‘dry zone’ for one hundred years – meaning no bars, no booze, and no exceptions. At long last, in 2022 the suburb has welcomed its first bar: Oydis. Naturally, we were there to bring her to life as she joined the local community.

The owners shared their vision: they wanted Oydis to be a place where everyone could come together – no matter where they were from. Their menu would feature global food and drinks, and the venue would make everyone feel lucky and welcomed.

We crafted a brand story that captured the essence of the vision: a tale of friendship, good fortune, global travels and wanderlust. (Fun fact: Oydis is the name of the Norse goddess of good fortune.) The brand features vintage illustrations alongside a modern typeface, set against a moody burgundy and navy palette.

Prior to launch, we designed a large window sticker to let people know what was soon to arrive, and we helped them kick off their social media account by developing a series of posts. We feel very lucky to have been a part of bringing the people of Ashburton their first bar in a century – and can still feel that Oydis good fortune in the air.

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