10 January 2018

What to expect from a complimentary brand strategy workshop with Bellman

Are you thinking about launching a brand or reevaluating the brand you currently have? If so you’re probably more than aware of how much planning goes into the process. Deciding who you want to be isn’t easy at the best of times, and the pressure of getting it all in order to a schedule can be stressful.

Fortunately there is an easy solution to these stresses – going to a branding agency for a strategy workshop.

Think of this like getting all the puzzle pieces in order before you start putting everything together. You won’t walk away from a workshop with a complete brand, but you will have the clarity to start work towards building one.

At Bellman we offer brand workshops as a complimentary service that anyone can engage in. This guide outlines what to expect from these workshops.

Define the ideal client profile

When looking to identify who you are, it’s best to look at who your ideal clients are first. There’s not much merit in creating a brand that you love, but will sail right over the head of your target audience.

To make sure your target audience isn’t alienated or confused by your branding it’s best to create an ideal client profile. This will be like a map that allows you to navigate your client’s needs and understand what they are looking for in a brand.

Customer profiles are typically based on previous data, competitor analysis, and include: gender, age, spending habits, annual income, location, and their most active spending periods.

Establish the personality of your brand

Looking at your brand’s personality is a major way to discover how you should communicate yourself. To do this we aim to establish what that personality looks like and why it’s a good fit for your market.

For example, is your brand serious, jokey, rebellious, a leader or a mothering figure? Nailing these aspects down will help establish a consistent and valuable presence.

Look at your place in the market

Where you want your brand to sit in the market is important to evaluate, but it can be hard to pinpoint. We can help nail it down by looking at which brands you view as your competitors.

The advantage of coming into or realigning yourself within an already established industry is that you can learn from your competitors or your past. Looking back at strategies that have worked or backfired can all go towards developing future strategy.

Establish strengths and weaknesses

Putting your brand under a lens is a healthy exercise, and a SWOT analysis is a time tested way of determining your strengths and weaknesses. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Identifying each of these areas helps you to understand your brand intimately and how to move forward efficiently.

As part of a brand strategy, the SWOT will help tie everything together and make sense of your business as a whole.

Put everything in place and set times

Once you have the pieces in place and a better idea of who you should be, it’s time to start actioning your plan. Setting a time frame with realistic objectives will help you utilise everything that has been discussed in the workshop.

If you feel you could benefit from a complimentary brand strategy session with Bellman, don’t hesitate to register your interest today and get the ball rolling.

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