16 April 2020

The Boredom Killers and Welcome Distractions You Need in Your Life Right Now

Today’s blog post isn’t going to be about branding, design, or business. But it might just have some of the best information you’ll read all week.

Since we’re willing to bet you’ve gained a new, relatable appreciation for your dog’s excitement over their daily walk, we’ve put together a carefully curated list of our favourite shows, movies, games, books, podcasts and even non-screen-related activities.

We’re willing to bet you’re in desperate need of being rescued from Animal Crossing, colouring or even cutting your own hair, or the gaping hole in your life now you’ve finished Tiger King.

Or maybe you feel like you need a new activity that isn’t rewatching The Office for the seventh time. No judgment here. Let’s have some fun!


Outer Worlds

Want to lose hours on an RPG? Outer Worlds has you covered. It’s like Fallout, but set in the future and in space. Watch out for those Mantiqueens.

Oxygen Not Included

Take a break from surviving being isolated with your spouse all day and instead focus on helping these tiny colonists survive their subterranean asteroid base. We hope you like engineering, cos this one has a lot of it.


A little mystery with a lot of beautiful scenery, Firewatch is set in Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest in 1989. The perfect nature escape for anyone stuck inside.

Monopoly Deal

You don’t need a controller to play games. This is all the fun of Monopoly but in card form, and without the family fighting. Okay, that last part is a lie.


Song Exploder

An office favourite, musicians do a deep dive on one of their songs, breaking it down and sometimes talking about the backstory of their lives at the time.


Are you a health and fitness nerd? Want a scientific perspective on the current situation? Prepare to fall in love with Dr Rhonda Patrick and her incredible brain.

Seize The Yay

Sarah Holloway, the founder of Melbourne company Matcha Maiden, interviews an array of entrepreneurs about their stories, struggles and secrets. You’ll surely come out of this isolation period with a new business idea up your sleeve.

The Art of Manliness

A perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. A podcast for men, women, and non-binary folk alike that discusses self-improvement, societal expectations, finances and so much more.

The Blonde Files

Health advocate, influencer and Hollywood queen Arielle Lorre talks everything from gut health to addiction to plastic surgery in this candid, insightful and honestly enlightening podcast. A true hidden gem with fantastic guests.


The Genius Life by Max Lugavere

Science journalist Max Lugavere follows up his New York Times bestseller Genius Foods with this guide to achieving optimal health every day. Has there ever been a better time to prioritise the most important thing we have?

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

We love a good self-improvement book and this is an original favourite. This book will seriously change the way you look at every conversation, event and reaction. At least, that’s the idea.

Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra

Dystopian science fiction can make for a strangely soothing form of escape, and this comic series is a prime example. Every male on earth dies at the same time. Well, almost all of them. Intrigued? You’ll have to read it to find out more.

Boy Swallows Universe by Trent Dalton

The country has gone wild for this Aussie coming-of-age tale that isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s equal parts sad, dark, and heartwarming.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

Ever feel like you struggle to keep up with how you’re “supposed” to act and behave in society? You’ll definitely relate to Eleanor Oliphant, the socially inappropriate hero we’ve all been waiting for.



The latest gripping tale from Alex Garland (Ex Machina, Annihilation, The Beach). This creepy but riveting miniseries involves a tech company, quantum computing, and murder. A must-watch.

Last Week Tonight

Talk shows have gone out of the studio and into the homes of their hosts, and John Oliver is no exception. His quips and shouty delivery are as hilarious as ever and provide a humorous form of insight into current events.


Loosely based on a true story, this Netflix miniseries follows a young woman who flees her strict Jewish Orthodox community in New York City for the freedom of alternative paradise Berlin. But her escape doesn’t go as smoothly as planned.

Seven Worlds, One Planet

Okay, we take back our comment about Firewatch. David Attenborough documentaries are officially our favourite form of nature escapism right now. Our pick? Antarctica. We love a penguin!

Killing Eve Season 3

You probably don’t need any convincing to catch up on the latest season of Killing Eve, but it will probably help to know you can watch it for free on ABC’s iview. Yay!


You don’t need a screen to have fun. Take a step back from technology and get ready to tackle some new home projects and hobbies!

Start a Garden

No green thumb? No backyard? No problem. You can easily tend to succulents, start sewing the seeds for hardy winter vegetables, regrow your cooking scraps, start sprouting microgreens on your kitchen bench, propagate cuttings from your existing plants— you get the idea. There’s never been a better time to create more plant babies!

Get Composting

Want to make your home a little more sustainable by establishing a circular system? Create a compost! You can have a big old compost bin, a little worm farm, or even a bokashi compost that sits next to your kitchen sink.

Set up a Home Gym

We know, finding gym equipment online that isn’t sold out is tough going right now. But you don’t need equipment to get in a killer workout. You can fill bottles or buckets with water for weight, turn a pair of socks into a makeshift set of ab sliders, and even do pullups with a towel and a door (seriously, Google it!). However, we wouldn’t recommend trying to make your own barbell and squat rack. You’ve been warned.

Have Fun with Ferments

Fermented food is super expensive. It’s also super bloody easy to make at home. You can have a neverending supply of kombucha, yogurt, kefir, and even sourdough with a few very basic ingredients. You’ll never have to pay five bucks for a bottle of kombucha again!

We hope you loved these as much as we loved sharing them! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the blog for more welcome distractions, and follow our socials for daily tips and insights!

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