The 5 Best Rebrands of 2018

If there’s one thing we love more than launching amazing brands, it’s seeing the incredible potential of rebranding an existing business. A fresh look can do so much for a brand’s reputation, no matter how established they may be in their industry.

2018 truly was synonymous with great rebrands. Let’s take a look at some of our favourites and get a taste of what else we can expect to see in 2019:

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Uber have disrupting the transport industry ever since their launch, but it hasn’t been an entirely smooth ride. The startup has been the subject of media attention again and again thanks to a string of controversies, including their first big rebrand in 2016.

CEO Travis Kalanick had a heavy hand in personally designing the company’s new logo in 2016, resulting in plenty of criticism from the public and designers industry. Simply put, “people wondered where the U went”. This is a great example of why it’s so important to work with professional designers when rebranding.

2018 saw Uber ditch that CEO-designed logo and reconnect with their roots. They not only revisited their original “U” logo, but also abandoned their wall tile-inspired colour scheme to go back to black. The decision to “bring back the U” still involved a slight creative deviation from the original design to maintain a sense of growth as a company.

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Blue Valentine

The rebranding process is always enjoyable with a beautiful product, and Blue Valentine Design jewellery is no exception. We drew from the story behind these bespoke creations to create branding that reflected Blue Valentine’s striking collections.

Beautiful branding should be shown off, and social media is the perfect avenue for this. Instagram’s heavy visual focus allowed us to carefully curate a feed that showcased each collection’s theme, colours and emotion for maximum impact.

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Home product giants Tupperware are a brand that needs no introduction. The plastic fantastic empire really shook up their image in 2018 with a rebrand that moved them away from their original 1990s mail order catalogue image and towards a new, empowering brand ethos.

Tupperware’s previous branding was incredibly busy, often cluttered with bright lifestyle photography and an explosion of colour. The rebrand swapped this for cleaner design, including more use of simple icons over excessive photos.

The new branding successfully maintains Tupperware’s family-fun vibe, but also emphasises their empowering new brand message for their predominantly female staff and client base. This new imagery and brand messaging will work fantastically across all company communications, advertising collateral and even merchandise.

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The Guardian

Change moves slowly in the newspaper world. But with digital media gradually taking over, even the most long-running publications need to adapt.

The Guardian’s rebrand is a great example of utilising modern design while retaining heritage. In newspapers, type is everything. Their rebrand emphasises typography by utilising a newly-designed font, as well as colour pops throughout the paper to bring out the publication’s unique personality.

This new design hopes to not just modernise their look, but strives to encourage a younger generation to pick up newspapers and engage with media in a more traditional sense.

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We had the privilege of working on so many amazing rebrands in 2018, but there was one secret project that we’ve been particularly excited about: rebranding Bellman!

Why did we rebrand? While we loved our branding, we felt that it was time for something fresher. We not only reinvented our logo, but changed up our colour scheme to cobalt. This choice provided a strong new presence while staying true to the original teal we all know and love.

Impressed by our rebrand? Love our work with Blue Valentine and other projects in 2018? Get in touch with our talented team today to see how we can rebrand your business for a new look in 2019.

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