29 October 2020

Is Now the Right Time to Launch Your Brand? How to Navigate the Current Situation

Timing is everything. From poaching an egg to telling a joke. The importance of timing also extends to launching a brand.

You don’t want to put it off forever and miss an opportunity, but you also don’t want to jump the gun if it’s simply not the right time. And when a global pandemic is going on, it can be hard to convince yourself to launch.

That’s why we’re raising all the points you need to consider before a brand launch. If you get to the end of this blog and still think, “Yeah, we can pull it off.” Then that’s your answer, and the time is now.

Choose the Right Product

Whether the current climate is the right time to launch your brand firstly relies on what your brand is selling.

If you are looking to launch a new ten thousand person music festival, the answer is no. Now would not be the right time to launch your brand. But you already knew that.

If your brand sells something that improves the lives of people at home or if it’s a digitally-based product to be purchased online, that could be a totally different story.

Use logic and sensitivity to decide if what you’re selling allows you to go ahead with your launch.

Curate Your Messaging

Once you have decided that the world would still currently benefit from your product, you need to curate your messaging.

How you pitch your product is always important, but it’s especially critical to get right during a crisis.

You’ll need to address the changing needs of the customers and speak to them in the places that they are occupying, whether that’s Instagram, Google, beauty blogs, or wherever. Your product pitch will need to be timely and appropriate while outlining the clear benefits.

For example, VSCO announced a new product feature during peak isolation times. It’s not an entire brand launch, but it’s in the same vein and the messaging rules apply.

The sentiment behind the new feature was really important. VSCO marketed their new photo-editing tool Montage as a product that aids human connection. It’s a storytelling feature pitched with a message of hope and connectedness in a time of social distancing.

See how the messaging can make or break the product launch? Because of the on-point messaging, customers feel fine with being marketed to.

This is where your key messaging comes in. Your content guidelines will define who you are as a brand and the key messaging defines how you communicate effectively and in line with your values. They’re both critical to have before you can even consider a launch.

Beat Out Competition

There is a significant reason why right now is a good time to launch your brand: visibility.

Many brands are playing it safe and waiting to launch after the pandemic is officially over. Which means that whenever that happens, the market will be flooded with brand launches. How will you stand out?

Launching now means you can beat your competitors and get ahead. If your messaging is sensitive and your product is suitable, this could give you incredible visibility for your brand launch.

Launch Online First

It would be remiss not to mention how you can benefit from the increased online engagement we’re seeing during these times.

People are online more because they’re hungry for online content. We want to be inspired, entertained, informed, and engaged with. An online launch (executed well) can be a really positive experience.

Launching online is different to a public launch. Take hospitality for example – now is obviously not an ideal time to open your new restaurant’s doors as there are still so many restrictions in place. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be launching online.

Tease campaigns, challenges, curating your social feeds, and showcasing your brand are all part of the launching process. It doesn’t have to be a case of twiddling your thumbs until this is all over before even taking a step towards your launch.

Even if a physical brand activation is still down the track, you can be doing a lot now online to build your customer base and hype. This is also where email marketing is truly your friend.

Centre Your Customers

So, is now the right time to launch your brand? The answer is: only if your customers would say yes.

What we mean is that your customers should be the focus of your decision-making. By centring your customers’ needs, you’re more likely to get the response from them you want. So if they’d be keen for you to launch right now, then go for it! Give the people what they want.

Think outside the box when it comes to how you can benefit your customers. In addition to a product launch, could you also offer digital tutorial downloads, online classes, gift packs, or an exclusively small launch party?

By diversifying your offering, you’re increasing the number of revenue streams your brand has, while also providing value for your audience.

Your brand launch should be considered, with a focus on your customers. If you’ve made it this far into the blog and still think you can nail your brand launch, that’s awesome! Talk to us about making the absolute most of it.

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