3 December 2018

How to Take Risks with Your Rebrand That Pay Off

Change is scary, right? Especially when it comes to rebranding your business. After working so hard to establish your brand’s image and reputation, the idea of altering any of it can seem more than daunting.

While there’s no denying the potential positive benefits of a great rebrand, botching the makeover can do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to take calculated risks. Check out our guide to rebranding with confidence so you can give your business the revamp it desperately needs.

Experiment with Colour

Who doesn’t love a fresh paint job? Nothing livens up a dull space quite like a fresh splash of colour, and this is certainly true for any brand.

Don’t be afraid to opt for a trending colour palette to give your brand the makeover it deserves, but do make sure it’s suited to your audience. Not only does it make for an obvious change, but it will also help your business to look modern and relevant.

One of the biggest colour trends in branding right now appears to be soft pink with grey. Even if you haven’t always been a fan of pastels, it never hurts to consider what a new shade can do for your business appeal. Make your brand stand out!

Sometimes a subtle change can be just as impactful as a complete transformation. It doesn’t take much to revamp your image.

Of course, not everyone will appreciate your favourite colours as much as you do. To make a design decision you’re not going to regret, it’s best to consult an expert. You don’t want to risk a colour choice that’s on-trend but totally off-brand for your business.

Less Is More

Anyone who’s ever had a regretful hair dye job knows that it can be difficult to resist the urge to go all out when it comes to a makeover. The same applies to branding.

Sometimes a subtle change can be just as impactful as a complete transformation. It doesn’t take much to revamp your image.

One strategy that doesn’t even require you to bust out the colour swatches is to take what you already have and simplify it.

Your business name might be an homage to your great-great-grandfathers, or the result of hours upon hours of brainstorming. But you don’t want that name to be too much of a mouthful for your clients to pronounce or, worse yet, remember.

Shortening your name might just be the key to rebrand without straying too far from your business’ core identity. Not to mention it might just save you some money when it comes to ordering that now-shorter signage!

Same, but Different

By far the biggest concern around rebranding is the risk of changing your brand so much that you lose clients. And it’s not exactly an unfounded fear, either. Completely overhauling your image could make your business unrecognisable to even your oldest clients.

The key to remaining recognisable when changing up your brand is to maintain an element of familiarity. A great way to do this is with a new logo that still incorporates your brand’s image or even name.

Let’s take Twitter as an example. Their logo used to be their brand name in that iconic blue lettering. Currently, their logo is still blue, but this time it’s the “twittering” blue bird that’s become synonymous with their brand. See how they changed things up while staying mostly the same?

Looking for expert guidance for your next rebrand? No problem. Get in touch with us today and see how we can give your brand a transformation that pays off.

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