9 December 2021

End of Year Highlights

We’re almost there folks.

It’s not too long now until we can put down our laptops, log out of Slack and enter vacation mode. But before we do we wanted to share just some of our favourite projects that we have worked on this year at Bellman.

It was a year of ups, downs and distance. But that doesn’t mean that our creative team suffered. The saying goes distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? And we have found that to be true.

Even though we were separated for a lot of the year, it didn’t mean our creative work suffered. We feel stronger than ever, and with a little rest and relaxation over summer — ready to get creative all over again for another year.

Have a look at some of our favourite projects from our creatives this year.


Ben is our Senior Designer here at Bellman. Known for always keeping his cool and amazing podcast recommendations, he has had an amazing year creating beautiful branding.


Personal Highlight: ‘This year I’m really proud of the way the team really collaborated to create such high quality design work for our lovely clients’.

Project Highlight:  It was exciting to see our packaging design work come to life when Sergii Skincare launched their brand


Have a look at some of the incredible work here:

Abbey is our other brilliant designer. She might have joined during lockdown but she has quickly become our go-to designer when we need beautiful graphics or animated sequences.


Personal Highlight: ‘A highlight of mine was that I got to experience a whole new team who taught me new and exciting skills that I now use in my day to day design life.’

Project Highlight: I’m currently working on some amazing brochures for one of our clients. There is nothing more satisfying than turning a simple word document into something beautiful.’


We can’t wait to show you the finished products. Until then have a look at the beautiful collateral we designed for Bounty of the Sun.

Madeleine is our copywriter here at Bellman. Known for turning even the briefest of ideas into fully executed copy, she’s always up for a challenge.


Personal Highlight: Getting to work with clients for brand naming. It really stretches my creativity in ways that forces me to think outside the box and within strong guidelines. It’s tricky, but the payoff is worth it!’

Project Highlight: Working with Guard Shaving to create content guidelines was such a fun job. The results are a real ‘True Blue’ brand that backs it up with fun language.’


Have a look at how we turn content into currency here. These are some examples of the tone of voice guidelines we developed.


Adele might be our Brand and Campaign Manager, but she’s also an absolute bless. A gem at getting to the heart of a creative problem, this year only made her stronger.


Personal Highlight:  ‘The collaboration between the team. Although we weren’t physically together for the majority of 2021, it was inspiring seeing us band together to spark innovative ideas and produce incredible work’

Project Highlight: Getting to work with the team at Otopia Wellness, it was so exciting being able to see the brand come to life. The collaborative partnership we were able to form was unforgettable.’ 


Artistic direction, clever copy and brilliant marketing combine to create Otopia. Have a look at some of our incredible work here:


Well, that’s enough about us. We’re pretty chuffed at what we have been able to create this year and we can’t wait to see what awaits next year.

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