16 July 2019

Changing Your Brand Isn’t Just Good. It’s Necessary.

When it comes to how your customers perceive your brand, what you don’t do is just as significant as what you do.

Albert Einstein famously defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. The same can be said with running a business. You’re not going to see any growth by continuing to do the same old routine.

More importantly, you can’t expect to see even the same level of success if you don’t make an effort to evolve and improve your brand— no matter how much business was flourishing in the beginning.

Your brand’s success is not self-sustaining. It’s up to you to keep it alive.

Even the world’s most recognised and trusted brands owe their success to their evolution over the years. Whether that’s their branding, products, or service model, they know change is necessary.

There’s more than one good reason they do this, and why you should, too.

Aim High-fly Higher Motivation

The Key to Keeping Your Customers Interested

People are always looking for the next new thing. And with brand new eCommerce businesses springing up faster than you can count them, it’s not hard for people to find new and exciting brands and products (even if they’re not looking for them).

Unfortunately, this also means people become bored pretty quickly. They need a reason to stay interested in your brand— an incentive to keep you on their radar.

“Refusing to change your brand comes with serious risks. “

Even the smallest change can be enough to retain your customers’ interest. That might be a new product, a marketing campaign, or even a rebrand. Whatever it is, it keeps customers asking “what’s next?” and gives them a reason to keep tabs on your brand.

Don’t Risk Becoming Irrelevant

How people perceive you matters— especially if you’re trying to convince them to give you their business.

It’s kind of like changing up your wardrobe. Your style might have been amazing decades ago, but do you think people would still take you seriously if you rocked up to a meeting today in full eighties attire?

Refusing to change your brand comes with serious risks. Outdated or unexciting brand design doesn’t exactly inspire brand loyalty among your customers, no matter how little they understand about design.

“Changing up your brand doesn’t just have implications for your business. It speaks volumes about the person behind it.”

This doesn’t mean all branding has a fast-approaching expiry date. But it is important to consider how relevant your branding is not just for today, but for the coming years.

Is your brand design relatively future-proof? Can it be updated with a few small changes? Will it require a complete overhaul to avoid looking dated in the next few years? These are all important questions to consider when assessing your brand’s look.

What Change Says about Your Commitment to Your Brand

Changing up your brand doesn’t just have implications for your business. It speaks volumes about the person behind it.

Every time you make an effort to change something about your business, it shows your audience that you’re committing energy into your business. You’re invested. You actually care.

And people are more likely to give you their business if they believe you care about their brand and their customers.

“Your brand’s success is not self-sustaining. It’s up to you to keep it alive.”

From a business perspective, maintaining a growth mindset with your brand is a surefire way to stop you from becoming complacent in how you run your business at any level.

Complacency breeds complacency. It’s easy for other aspects of your business to stagnate when you’re already overlooking something as major as branding.

It’s never been more important to invest time and energy into your brand. Whether you need advice on the first step to take or want someone to take charge of giving your brand design a makeover, we can help. Reach out to the brand experts at Bellman and discover the positive power of change for yourself.

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