22 April 2021

Australian Creatives To Be Inspired By

As the cool weather begins to roll in it’s easy to find yourself staring out at the drizzly skyline and looking at a blank page. Inspiration is going to strike eventually, right?!

Even us creative pros have our off days. And it’s days like that when you need to stop and recharge that creative well inside you.

Think of it this way — our creative output is like a well. Sometimes it’s full, and we have heaps of great ideas. Those days feel great. It’s where everything works and you feel like you’re on a roll. Other days, creating feels almost painful — like you’re parched and the well is empty.

Part of being a working creative is knowing when it’s time to recharge. This might be when you read your favourite book, find something subtitled on SBS or go for a long walk in the park.

Or if you’re like us, you might open your insta for that hit of mid-afternoon creativity. Here are a couple of our favourites who we love turning to in times of creative crisis.



Beauty meets decay in this Melbourne based artist’s work. Known for his haunting street art, Rone has made quite the name for themselves over the years both in Australia and internationally. Their work is huge and haunting, often installed in urban environments.

What we love here is the idea that it’s not always permanent. It’s decaying, worn away by time. It’s a great reminder that what we create isn’t permanent — and there’s a special kind of beauty in that.



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Niah McLeod

Niah McLeod creates works that both inspire and calm. A rising star in the contemporary indigenous art scene, her work is inspired by the stories her family has passed down to her.

There is something about her art that inspires us to take a moment and soak up all the details. For Niah, the act of creating is all about taking a moment to meditate. Stare too long at her beautiful designs and you might just get lost in time.



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Bronte Leighton-Dore

It’s hard not to be inspired by the beautiful Australian landscape. From red, dusty plains to sandy white beaches there is something for everyone.

Landscape artist Bronte Leighton-Dore captures that sense of urgency and beauty in her works. You get a clear impression that part of the magic of the bush has been captured here, from the bold strokes to the bright colours. Her work has such a great sense of movement and colour that we absolutely love looking at it.


Jessica Nguyen

Jessica Nguyen might just call herself a home cook, but this culinary loving creative gives us all a serious case of food envy.

Creativity doesn’t just have to be art and design, but can also be found in the way we plate our food to the love we show our family recipes. For Jessica, you can clearly see the tenderness and care she puts into her culinary collections. With her lush settings and down to earth attitude, we love having a gaze over Jessica’s insta for some tasty creative inspiration. Long lunch, anyone?


Rowi Singh

We can’t say it better than this Sydney based artists bio: more than makeup. Rowi Singh doesn’t just create looks, she creates visual works of art.

A key part of filling that creative dam is looking at works in other mediums. Her looks are bright, bold and always have us zooming in wondering ‘just how does she do that?’ She takes self-expression with makeup and turns it into a narrative work of art.




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Tkay Maidza

Need some bold tunes to get the blood pumping and creativity flowing?

It’s hard to go past Tkay Maidza. Having blown up over the past few years in Australia we are sure that she is on the verge of superstardom. What we really love is her ability to effortlessly shift through genres and styles, while still having a distinct sound. Time to pop on your headphones and tune out.



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With this little creative boost, we’re hoping you’re feeling more inspired than ever. Now it’s time to turn that blank page into artistic genius.

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