Brand Story

Resorting to well-worn phrases is easy, but we 
dig deep and discover words that truly exemplify your brand and which will be chosen to appear naturally in all collateral and complementary material. We pride ourselves on our exceptional attention to detail and love of discovery, so creating the right story for your brand is a key part of the journey.

Our Approach

Discussion & Research
This stage is crucial to understanding your brand’s goals. With your input we will work to understand everything there is to know about your brand and discuss how and where the brand story will be used.

Development & Drafting
After the brainstorm our team will start creating the brand story. This involves further research, developing the narrative, and refining the brand’s tone and language.

Story Presentation
Supply of initial draft of your brand story for your review. This may happen via email, over the phone or in person, whatever your preference.

Revisions & Refinement
Upon your feedback, any further changes to
the presented draft will be addressed and edited as necessary. This is a continual process without limits and no surprise or hidden additional charges.

What We Deliver

Mission Statement
A mission statement is your company’s elevator pitch. Its purpose is to clearly explain why you exist in a way that connects clients, partners, investors and staff.

Positioning Statement
The positioning statement is a snapshot of where your brand sits in the market, how you differ from competitors, why consumers will interact with your brand, and how you will address their needs.

Tone of Voice & Values
The tone of voice articulates how the brand speaks and what values it holds close to its essence as a brand.

Key Messaging & Body Copy
Key messages form the basis of all marketing communications and are integral for staying consistent across all your collateral. This includes up to 2000 words of copy for your business to apply in any way you choose.

Unlimited Revisions
We will work with you until you are happy with the work we produce. We pride ourselves on being completely authentic, so there are no hidden charges for ongoing revisions.


Our Brand Story service generally takes 2-4 weeks from project approval to final delivery.


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Brand Story Highlights


Clear and useful messaging for your brand


A defined personality and tone of voice


A story all stakeholders believe in and live by